did anyone see how many people were watching the pax stream during the mindcrack panel? i was fullscreened and forgot to look XD

huntingthehaggis replied to your post: why is my dash not covered in teen wol…

mtv actually aired this week’s episode yesterday, right before the vma’s, as a special event thing!


why is my dash not covered in teen wolf? why did so many people have graphics made of the ep before the ep came out? did i lose a day?

I don’t see why anybody wouldn’t buy a game just because there is too many homosexual characters in it. How aren’t you bored of all the cis/white/het characters? I mean, tt has been SO overdone.

Anonymous: Actually humans are naturally vegan. They only started eating meat during the ice age when plants became scarce. Just like other apes, we don't need animal products. We actually thrive on a high carb plant based diet. And no duh they didn't mean bread and donuts and shit.









Cool story bro

We also used to dump our feces in the streets but obviously shit has changed.

I was about to go nuts about the anon but I JUST CANT WITH WHAT YOU JUST SAID YOU ARE THE BEST ~^^

In which period in history is it documented that we humans shit in the street? How strange.. Truth of the matter is who gives a fuck if this chick is keto, vegan, lactose free, high protein, gluten fucking free blah blah blah its all unbalanced, unhealthy shit to me, if not in the short term, the long term, if not when it comes to missing out on vital nutrients then other issues such as damage to reproductive health from amenorrhea , mental state, or just plain heightened sense of ego in some peoples cases.. At the end of the day who gives a fuck what some girl on the other side of the world does or doesn’t put on her fucking dinner plate, long as i got my pasta you can have your half an avo with a stick of butter

I’d love to know how Lactose and Gluten free could be considered unhealthy and unbalanced tbh. Like yeah I get everyone is always gonna have something to say about keto being restrictive, it’s not however, but I’m so over that. But Lactose and Gluten free? Sorry I just think that’s a little bit insane. ‘Its all unbalanced’ is a little bit of a sweeping statement.

Unbalanced to me is altering a natural product such as cows milk which naturally contains lactose to be lactose free. Again gluten is not bad for you, ancient and sprouted grains still contain gluten but have also proven to be safe for coeliacs therefore the gluten isnt the issue it is the modern process wheat goes through that alters the way the wheat is digested in the body. The issues some people have with these foods and nutrients do not come from the foods and nutrients themselves, rather the way we humans handle and alter them to make more money from the industries they are derived from. Try to remember just because its the “in thing” doesnt mean its necessary for 95% of the worlds population

But whether or not (not that I agree, but cba to write it all out, I believe wholeheartedly gluten is an issue) these things aren’t a problem until they hit manufacturing - they hit manufacturing and then people have an intolerance to them when they eat them. It’s crazy to say that someone is unhealthy just for having an intolerance???

in this case i just want to throw “grain brain” in. all i can think about is “omg please read grain brain”.

and okay i am unhealthy cause i cant eat normal cheese or drink milk cause of the lactose

k thanks

Stop fighting, you’re tearing this family apart!

1. I don’t know who’s going to read this but ancient grains are absolutely NOT safe for celiacs, so please be careful if you’re trying to reintroduce wheat into your diet.

2. It is in fact this period in time that many people still defecate in the streets in China and India.

3. There is no nutrients in grains you can’t get elsewhere, which is why people on keto or paleo aren’t dying of malnutrition.

4. Nobody cares if you eat meat or don’t eat meat. Or bread. Or dairy. (No, really, stop talking about it) People following these diets just want to feel good, and since everybody’s body works differently they have to use different methods.(EX: I can’t eat most dairy, any grains, legumes, processed sugar or preservatives, so Paleo was a godsend to me)

5. People do tend to get the ego complex when they find that diet or workout that does them a lot of good. They feel amazing and can’t stop talking about it because they want people to know there’s a solution if you’re willing to put the effort into it. But we all gotta realise that people don’t wanna give up their garlic bread. Which is understandable, since garlic bread is the bomb.


Pause takes his turn at the ALS challenge. He squeaks!

mostly10: that misha/david morph is HORRIFYING



The hardest question anyone has ever asked me is David Tennant or Misha Collins? HOW THE FUCK DO I CHOOSE? It’s not possible to choose between them.

why can’t you have both?

rebmalagishhuman replied to your post: Ok! So best news ever, I went out with…

Cute shoes. also I think pearls would look great with those shoes and not clash at all. but it’s really up to you if you want the pearls or something else. you’re gorgeous so really anything works ;3

PSSSSSHT shut up XD Ahaha I just am bad at these sort of dress up things and I don’t now if pearls go with a full lace dress or not XD

Ok! So best news ever, I went out with Nash to look for a backup dress and to find her a dress and when we went to The Bay it turns out they totally carry Free People now and they had the dress I ordered in the size I ordered only in black! So I tried it on and it fuckin fit! It’s a tad tight but whatevs I can move and it’s nothing a little Spanx won’t fix lol

Now my biggest problem is finding the fucking shoes. I’m going to order 2 pairs from Zappos and have them delivered to someone in the US and get them to send them here. The ones I’m ordering are


Thoughts? We all decided on black shoes since that will be the easiest and get the most rewearability. I still can’t find very many online, and everywhere I went in Victoria was a bust :( It’s like when they make them wide width they’re automatically Birkenstocks or 1” grandma shoes made with tan suede.

Anyways, aside from the shoe problem driving me insane, I need to choose jewelery, and the neckline is lower than I thought it was going to be so I have more options which is horrible. I wonder if white pearls would go or it would be a weird contrast to the shoes? Maybe I should just stick to silver. I also don’t know what to do for my ears since they’re 3/4”

Why did I decide to do this?

Also, in case anyone is wondering, Nash found this dress at Le Chateau

It’s a little more grey/lighter than this irl and she looks totally bangin’. Lucky bitch found shoes right there too. Surprisingly Le Chateau was like the only place ever to have any selection in formal/cocktail dresses.

The Bay had some, but they were mostly black, cream and blue. Dress shopping is hard when you’re pressed for time.

If you live in Vic and need a bridal shop though, Blush Bridal Boutique on 733 Johnson Street is amazing, they had a huge selection of beautiful dresses for brides and bridesmaids and the shop was fucking adorable. If I were planning a huge fancy wedding I would def go there wow.

Is there such a thing as a third party shipping company who I could have things delivered to and have them ship it to me?

Zappos doesn’t ship to Canada anymore? Wow.

It would help if more websites shipped to Canada ffs

So I decided on black shoes for all the ladies and grey/white dresses. That way if my dress doesn’t work out I can just get whatever and match the boys ties. I just want everyone to be able to re-wear anything they buy and not have it be stressful

Now for me, I’m looking for shoes which is insanely stressful. I have super wide feet and it’s surprisingly hard to find nice, plain, black heels in a wide width. I don’t want sandal type since it’s cold in Winnipeg in October and if we’re unlucky there will be snow. I guess I need a shawl/sweater of some sort. Dang, I don’t know how people plan stupid big weddings, I’d lose my fucking mind.




Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel 

Speaking their lines vs the final product

Why is Vin Diesel looking down? Is he worried he’s gonna forget his line?

Vin Diesel asked the director his inspiration for every line he did and did multiple takes until he was satisfied. He also recorded the line over 1,000 times and also recorded his lines in Mandarin, Portuguese, French, and Spanish so they could use his real voice in those versions. He’s looking at his lines because Vin Diesel is a  dedicated  motherfucking professional

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