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Doctor Who’s Quinquagenary → Full Circle

"Perhaps I should go home. Back to my own planet… But I can’t… I can’t…” -First Doctor, The Massacre of St. Bartholomew’s Eve

"I have a new destination. My journey is the same as yours, the same as anyone’s. It’s taken me so many years, so many lifetimes, but at last I know where I’m going, where I’ve always been going. Home… the long way round.”  -Eleventh DoctorThe Day of the Doctor

Let Scott deal with it. Let him be the hero of his morally black and white world.


We had an art show in the Teen Wolf edit bay, because our editors are THAT COOL. We’re ALWAYS looking for more fantastic fan art to decorate the Teen Wolf offices, so send us the best of the best!

"This is just a dream." (x)

Fangirl Challenge: Three Opening Credits - [2/3]
Doctor Who (2005)

Teen Wolf/Sterek AU: In a world where Stiles Stilinski finds his life very boring and wishes some excitement would come his way. Though he never thought it would come like this. A strange wolf appears in the forest of Beacon Hills but Stiles knows all too well that there are no wolves in California, until he sees the wolf form into a human form.

The shapeshifter reveals himself as Derek Hale and Stiles’ ‘Thread’. Threads are the invisible binds between two certain people, one half being human and the other being a wolf shapeshifter. Not everyone possesses the special bond of a Thread but only a small handful around the World.

Though Stiles comes to believe it’s pretty cool (despite the constant presence of hot grumpy guy and the fact they have to train under Derek’s weird creepy Uncle), he soon changes his mind when Deucalion and his own little pack of Threads come into town in the search of Peter Hale to eliminate. 

But why is Deucalion so desperate to find and kill Peter Hale? And why is Stiles finding himself caring so much for Derek?


Prediction : this is gonna be the most used gif by Whovians during the next year.


50 Years of Doctor Who by graphic designer Benjamin Parker

Such a tool. (x)


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